Everything is Lie.The only Truth-we all will die.

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-tis cursed times when madmen lead the blind-

Those crazy days are gone but memory is still here. I was there in the first line on the 26-27th of April.
Now it is time to think it all over with cold mind.

Everyone, who was an eye-witness, knows some simple things.

First- it was not ordered. Me, my friends, my comrades, my compatriots came there because we could not endure such kind of things. We - who remember the deed of our ancestors, who saved our future.

Second - nobody paid me money for taking part in riot. I have seen and heard a lot of things, things that I cheered or blamed or cursed but I have not seen or heard that some of us got money for their time. And it was not evidenced yet though many persons and organizations will be glad to...

Third- We first were attacked by police forces. I have never seen such violence. I cursed those who used iron blackjacks and legs beating kids. Who are they after that? Animals? savages? I am a trained muscled man who has been struck three times by iron blackjack. Thanks God, that pig had not hit my head. If it happens I  dare say that I shall have serious problems with my brain.Believe me, I have some knowledge in medicine. Some adults near by me were not so lucky -(

I could  continue  the numbers if I had more free time.And I would tell you much more about those two nights but you can argue that I wrote it all under influence of emotions. I ensure you that I was as calm as fish in the sea even when I saw the most ugly scenes of violence. I only hope that you have reason and not brain- washed mind. They will help you to open your eyes, you heart and your mind. You, who, perhaps, is going to visit Estonia and spend his or her holidays here, will remember that there are plenty of countries in the World, much more comfortable, friendly and peaceful. I ask you to delete this country from the places of rest. Perhaps, you want to ask me who I am, who asked you this. I am not an enemy of this state. I was born here as my mother or my grand mother or my grand grand mother. But I am a bringer of Russian culture. All over the Globe this culture is loved but not here. Do not you believe me? Just let me tell you some facts. There are 30 per cent of bringers of Russian culture in Estonia but we have no right or privilege to use our language officially or unofficially. Our authorities are trying to close Russian schools. They have just started to tell openly that there is not integrating in Estonia just assimilation of Russians. Do you know what  it means? It means that they will try to remove everything that is connected with Russian culture in future generations. Do you know where Estonia is on the map? If so you must know that our neighbour is Russia.The biggest country in the World who has all chances to become one of the most richest... Can you image the huge house with many people and there is a tiny room with one of them who is trying to assimilate all house . To insert the house in to his room. What do you think who he is? You, probably, simply call him mad. It is the same that we all are thinking about it. Not just Russian but Estonians also (actually people from German, Norway, Finland, Sweden and so on)  By the way, there were many people from different countries with us on the 26th of April in te centre of Tallinn. Some of them were also hit and arrested and hit again by police forces. Many of them were simple tourists. Guests of our country. Now they appreciated the hospitality of our government, especialy our prime-minister who tells that police were right hitting innocent people by iron sticks and legs. - there were not innocent people on the streets , just criminals- Prime-minister of Estonia. .Oh, yeh, 12-14 year-old criminals with milk on lips. 

Tons of lie by our officials. I am not going to repeat all this bullshit. Just remember, there is war in Estonia. Hidden cold war. To my point of view, it is one of the most dangerous kinds of wars.

Will be continued...

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