Everything is Lie.The only Truth-we all will die.

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I have just called to her. Her name is Rada. It means on Russian "Glad". She has this name because her mother was so glad when she born the daughter. I have met her in the food store that is near by my brick-house. She was counting money in hope of buying more sweets. There have already been plenty of sweets  in her basket. And familiar sign of lack of sweet in life. I bought huge box of sweets and presented it to her.

- Nobody was so kind to me before- said she,- what's ur name?

-It doesn't matter, I  have just wanted to make you be a little bit happier to-night.

-it is so strange that complete stranger spent 200eek on me and even doesn't want to tell his name.

-it is common for me , I am used to spendin' money on people, according to her behaviour I have already known that she is drug-addicted. Most likely, she is hero-addicted,I thought after turning the way of her behaviour in my mind. I was absolutely right but have known it later.She is a intravenous drug abuser. She is prostitute. She is only 22 years young.

in the same evening somewhere near by Viru Keskus( The centre of TAllinn)

Roman was driving his Jaguar  and speaking with his wife by cell phone.
-Honey, I have just taken little One from Grandma and I am on my way home.

It was a birthday of his dearest Sveta. His young wife (much younger than he) They met in striptease x-club where she worked. Slim and smart cheese-cake. The bunch of roses, cake and something expensive. It does not matter what exactly. May be jewels may be something else. He could afford to pay a lot for difference between them. He has quite successful business. More than 10 drug-addicted whores. One of them is Rada. 
will be continued...



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